Build Your Own

Who is this package for?

This package is for the individual, multiple, or family who wants a fully produced creative session. This package allows you to create and build exactly what you want for your session. Whatever you add from the list will be added onto the base price, The base price includes one hour, concept building, and location scouting. Concept building means that you share with me the vision you have for your session. It can be as detailed as you want or it can be as simple as "I just want to be in a colorful dress in a field and look and feel free". Whatever your vision is big or small, detailed or simple I can create it for you and take it further than your imagination. However you do have to have some type of vision, or direction for me to start building your concept, I can not just come up with something from scratch, there needs to be a purpose for your session.


Locations further than 35miles will have to be discussed and your total may be adjusted, Turn around time is 7 business days. A 50% deposit is required to book your session. Build your own sessions must allow at least 3+ weeks before the day of your shoot for full production.