I am a mom first, if we shot together 2017-2018 and some of 2019 you met Cairo, because he was strapped to me while we created. For some people starting a family can cause you to become stagnant. My pregnancy wasn't planned so I had no choice but to continue on, let alone work way harder than I was before. Cairo has made me better at what I do, being a mom has really blessed me in all my areas, treating all my sessions with more care, more life, & more purpose. 


Aleah then

Back then, It was never a dream of mine to be a photographer. When asked what I want to be when I grow up a photographer was no where in my reply haha, I'm not even sure if I can tell you when or where it started. A number of things come to mind, maybe my mom and the many many boxes of photos stored away and in the open literally all our memories documented. Our could've been my environment appreciating all the looked over beauty in so many cultures, or my love for people watching the list can go on... I believe that it was every part of me, every lesson I learned, every person I met, every conversation I had, these life events that merge you into the person you were called to be. This path was truly and naturally set up for me to be on, and its been an amazing journey so far.


Aleah now

Now I'm able to combine all of my loves, habits, and gifts and create these frozen pieces of life, love and memories for people. My images are the product of who I am, all the choices I've made, people I've met, and experiences I went through. I really appreciate everyone who trusts me to create for them, I don't take none of it for granted, its always humbling and exciting to meet yet a new client and bring to life things only imagined. If you asked me what my favorite thing to shoot is I would say anything I have full control over lol, I seriously have endless ideas and concepts in my head that are waiting to be alive and preserved. I absolutely love when a client can just trust me completely and let me run wild with my creativity.